A Wealth Management Firm that understands you

We are a Strategic Financial Partner that can help you grow and protect your wealth  

Financial Planning

We are Financial Advisors that take a holistic approach to your complete financial picture. First and Foremost we are Fiduciaries, and have your best interest as our focus.

Financial Securities

We offer traditional Market offerings (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs) to our clientele, including other, more sophisticated offerings in the public markets.

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments can help sophisticated and accredited investors meet financial goals and hedge market disruptions. We can help you navigate prudent Alternatives.

Strategic Financial Network

We're facilitators of financial resources that can help the right investors get the vehicles to fund important progression in their wealth management & business timelines.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

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Phoebe Whitted
Phoebe Whitted
These guys have made our dreams come true. It’s so nice to work with such capable, caring and trustworthy folks. Would recommend you call them and get on track with your financial future plans.
Rachel Burrows
Rachel Burrows
I cannot recommend Adam, Chris, and their team enough. As fiduciaries they are of invested in your future, but it is clear they truly care about you as an individual. My husband and I found them to be honest, patient, kind, low pressure, and offering sound financial advice and planning for asset growth and wealth management. We feel confident we are in excellent hands and feel secure in our future. Thank you, Strategic Capital!
Enrico Burrows
Enrico Burrows
After speaking with Adam and Chris, both my wife and myself feel like we are working with the right financial advisors. They took their time reviewing all of our current assets and provided an excellent plan for the future for our family. Highly recommend.
Gino Valle
Gino Valle
If I could give more stars, I would. Chris, Bobby, and Adam have truly exceeded my expectations. They bring a perfect blend of professionalism and personal touch to managing my finances, treating them as if they were their own.
Katie Miller
Katie Miller
I’ve been working with Strategic Capital through my employer since 2016 solely for my retirement plan and they’re now my chosen route for personal finance as well. My advisor, Chris, is hands-on, always available, and incredibly knowledgable in this ever-changing market. I know that I’m in good hands and couldn’t recommend them more!
Kamile Ishiyama Dotson
Kamile Ishiyama Dotson
My husband and I have been working with Strategic Capital since 2008 and have built a lot of trust. Chris has always provided excellent guidance to us, been extremely accessible, and gives us options that best suite our situations.
Lara Wilson
Lara Wilson
Strategic capital was awesome to work with for some retirement savings advice and general financial advice I needed recently. I oftentimes get overwhelmed with financial conversations and Adam helped me get through some of the trickier or more confusing parts and I felt great afterwards and very comfortable with how to allocate my money. These guys are the real deal! Highly recommend.
Laura Saunders
Laura Saunders
I have been working with Bobby and Chris for over 4 years. They have been absolutely fantastic in collaborating with our family to find a balance with our investments. I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a financial advisor who takes a personalized approach.
Cheri Witt
Cheri Witt
Adam, Bobby and Chris go over and above to take care of their clients! To find financial advisors who actually listen to the needs of the clients is rare! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my investements!!
Kelly Erb
Kelly Erb
Strategic Capital Partners has truly exceeded our expectations! We have been using them for over 4+ years, and they have provided invaluable financial insight and guidance to our Team. We highly recommend their service to anyone seeking financial expertise!

The Strategic Financial Advisor Advantage

The traditional model of wealth management does not provide adequate service to sophisticated investors looking to have more control over their future wealth. Your financial advisor shouldn’t just focus on growing your wealth, but should also provide exceptional client service, and options that make sense as your life changes.

As a leading Wealth Management firm in Austin, Texas,  Strategic Capital was built on a new approach to wealth management. We utilize proven technology and data driven platforms and services to help clients create the future they dream of. Our Austin based team of financial advisors put your needs first in order to help build sustainable wealth, and give you a way to create a legacy whether through generational wealth transfer, or other strategic possibilities.

Financial Consulting Firm

Wealth Management in Austin that is Built For You

We’ve brought the right people together to challenge the established thinking and drive transformation – giving you better investment options – Options that can grow and protect your wealth

Adam D'Acierno

Adam D'Acierno

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


I specialize in helping businesses and business owners identify their needs, define success, and implement strategies to accomplish those goals.

Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


My comprehensive process embraces investments and insurance as an asset so that your whole financial life is magnified.

Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


I believe this combination of independence and teamwork is the best way to serve clients. It lets me provide you with the highest quality financial planning services, built for life long relationships with you.

In Austin – we’ve proven that we can deliver a better customer experience in the World of Wealth Management

Here’s how we do it for our client’s

Listen and Identify

Everyone has a unique situation and different goals. Our goal is to understand your needs and implement the best plan of action to help you succeed.

We’ve got a great mix of clients and resources built to help you with your wealth management needs. Our experience and our dedication to always improving our offerings can have an impact.

Plan Design

No plan is the same when it comes to Wealth Management. We build bespoke plans based on your needs and your goals.

We do in-depth analysis on your current financial situation, and offer strategic insights along the way to help you craft the plan that’s built for you. Let us show you what’s possible in Wealth Management.

Implementation of Solutions

We do not stop at plan design. yes – we have access to world class and institutional financial tools and access to some of the best minds in welath management. Our team knows how to execute on proper planning and how to plan for bumps in the road that come along sometimes on the way to retirement.

Monitor and Repeat

We Reassess your planning frequently. As the years progress and life changes happen, we are by your side to adjust the plan as needed. We stay on top of market, taxation, and current events to ensure your plan is optimized – and we can give you options to pivot comfortably as things change. We look at every relationship as long-


Find a Financial Advisor in Austin that systematically works on a single focus – your benefit in the management of wealth, business, and individual planning. We can provide alternative investments for sophisticated investors. Our Wealth Management Team is a call or click away.

Financial Questions we Hear The Most

Do you have the same questions regarding your finances, retirement, business, or risk management?

  • How long will my money last?
  • What is going to happen with social security?
  • What is a fiduciary?
  • How much money do I need to retire?
  • How can a Financial Consulting Firm Help my Business?
  • How should I invest my retirement savings?
  • How can I lower my taxable liability?
  • How can I create more tax-free income?
  • What retirement plans can my business use?
  • Is social security taxed?
  • If I die, what happens to my business?
  • When should I develop a financial plan?
  • How can I leave a legacy?
  • What happens to my money when I die?
  • What is my current net worth?
  • What is the different between a Roth 401k and Roth IRA?
  • Am I properly insured?
  • What are the different types of life insurance?
  • What are voluntary benefits?
  • How can I make administering my company retirement plan easier?
  • Will you coordinate with my attorney and tax teams?
  • What is estate planning?
  • Do I need a Financial Advisor?

Why Strategic Capital is a great choice among Wealth Management Firms in Texas

Let’s craft your financial future together – We’re a Financial Advisor that Cares about you

Financial Planning for your Family

Finance is a very broad, multifaceted landscape and our mission is to create a custom roadmap to help you and your family navigate all aspects of your journey. Education is the key to empowerment and if it involves money we can help. With access to our Strategic Capital Network, you have access to a team of trusted advisors and consultants who can help, using a vast array of strategies and solutions to serve all your financial needs.

Your family is important, and your needs will always be changing – sometimes minimally, and sometimes there are big changes. We are perfectly positioned as an advisor to help you navigate these changes in your financial world and beyond. We utilize best practices, proven platforms, familiar language and focused attention to our client’s needs to deliver the best client experience in wealth management. We are a financial advisor in Austin that cares about every detail, and wants to help you get to where you want to be.

Strategic Planning for your Business

At Strategic Capital, we are a solutions architect. From a business perspective, while we specialize in providing services and solutions to business-sponsored benefit plan needs, our network of trusted consultants specialize in all things business. As you evolve and grow, so do your needs, and the Strategic Capital Team has solutions for you at every stage of your business. We use a holistic approach and help you understand all viable options in business planning, to ensure you can make the right decisions for your unique roadmap.

Business Financial Planning is about more than investment options in a 401k – other advanced planning techniques can help you grow wealth in different ways, with more attention to risk management, or help to strategically optimize exposure to investments to grow wealth. We also work hard to hellp you improve your level of comfort and understanding of what is available, and plan for future needs. You can trust this Financial Consulting Firm.

Wealth Management for your Future

Strategic Capital’s goal-driven approach to wealth management customizes a strategy for the future you want to create. We help you translate your goals to an investment roadmap. Then we’ll manage those investments to keep everything on track. But we recognize that growing wealth is not the only thing that matters. Having protection in place through strategic insurance design that helps mitigate risk is also important. So is incorporating your lifestyle changes, business needs, appetite for risk or volatility, and management of your needs as time goes on. We are positioned to help you understand all the best practices, and offer options that can help you feel comfortable with the future you’re building.

We designed a team of dedicated Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Professionals that are well known for the contributions they have made to their consulting specialties. We’d love to chat with you about what we can bring to the table.