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The Strategic Capital Difference in Financial Planning

Our holistic approach to financial planning may be different than what you've experienced. We're specifically committed to our clients' success above all else. We aren't accountable to shareholders or boards for company profits. We're accountable strictly to a standard of our clients' highest good. Over the years there's been a trend in the financial planning business toward independence, and we commend it. However, we are very aware of the importance of teamwork. We leverage multiple specializations in each financial advisor within our firm to make the most of our capabilities for each client. Combined our firm has over 80 years’ experience in financial services.

Client Success Comes First in Financial Planning

Client success should always come first for a financial planner, but we found conflicts of interest throughout the industry. In fact, some organizations are forced to use products because their company is limited the products they can offer. Sadly, we've seen it first hand in the portfolios some clients brought us from prior relationships, and we love helping them get back on track. We founded Strategic Capital specifically to put our clients first. That was our mission from the outset. We knew that being independent advisors was the only way we could create it. This allows us a wide range of investment options, unlike an advisor who is not independent. We're accountable to create financial independence for our clients!

Our Team Approach

At Strategic Capital we believe in a team approach to financial planning. This means that some of our financial advisors are more expert in business planning or insurance while another’s may specialize in personal wealth management. Yet these differences make us stronger as a team, because we work together to provide the best service for each client's success no matter what kind of financial planning may be needed.

Our business planning clients find the team approach especially beneficial, because we have an advisor who specializes in business planning, human resources, and has extensive experience coaching employees on the best way to utilize workplace retirement savings options like 401-k and employer matching.

The team approach has been a part of our practice from the beginning. We recognized that beyond our shared value to put clients’ success first, we each brought unique strengths to the table. Please see the “Meet Our Team” page to learn more about our Advisors.

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