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Public Markets

Strategic Capital employs innovative proprietary technology to enrich client portfolios and efficiently manage risk.

AI in Financial Markets

Artificial Intelligence at Work:
Meet Newton

The utilization of machine learning techniques presents an opportunities to forecast future market action in a more accurate manner. Chief Investment Officer, Bennett Woodward CFA, has created a proprietary quantitative model to accompany his artificial intelligence system, Newton, to detect market trends. The model utilizes Newton’s neural network which analyzes historical data, coincidental indicators, as well as current market data to anticipate market fluctuation. Our quantitative approach of understanding the market creates a roadmap of data for decision, rather than emotion.

The Newton Algorithm

  Newton’s deep-learning artificial intelligence tracks a universe of more than 2,000 stocks and 1,000 ETFs. We quantitatively rank each security based on macroeconomic, fundamental, technical factors, and are constantly monitoring market prices, trading volumes, macroeconomic factors, and interest rates. Our algorithm analyzes data daily and maintains a forecast of asset prices among various timelines.

Newton’s purpose is to identify securities with the greatest probability of outperforming its benchmark and then to maximize those allocations given a certain risk objective. The same tactics provide risk mitigation by detecting sell opportunities and helping shield portfolios from significant market selloffs. Our proprietary models are created comprehensively with Newton’s software outputs, bottom-up fundamentals, and technical analysis. Simply put, Newton is the wind at our sails waiting for the last component of our process, human intelligence.

AI Stock Market Prediction
AI in Financial Markets

Institutional Investing

Strategic Capital empowers institutional investors with comprehensive investment consulting. We identify needs and then design, implement and continuously monitor investment policies for university endowments, trade associations, private foundations, hospital and health care providers, nonprofits, and cultural institutions. Our team of specialists can help create an investment policy statement to provide foundation to future investing decisions such as investment objective, time horizon, risk tolerance, asset allocation and rebalancing ranges, and monitoring and control procedures to help limit liability, provide consistency, and set expectations for investment performance.



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