Chris Hernandez – Investment Advisor

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Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor

I help people create their dreams through financial planning.

After beginning my career in a business built on selling products, I discovered that most of the financial planning industry is built on a broken model. Advisors inside of most companies are required to focus on strategies that make the most money for the business. It’s harder to help clients with what they truly need when your boss is constantly focused on selling them products.

So, I joined a group of advisors who had the same struggle. We formed Strategic Capital around our values. And this is how I now deliver a range of financial expertise and strategies, tailored to the individual needs of clients like you.

I believe this combination of independence and teamwork is the best way to serve clients. It lets me provide you with the highest quality financial planning services, built for life long relationships with you and your family.

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Chris’ Planning Specialties

  • Financial Planning
  • Strategic oversight for Investment Management
  • Understanding of Broad-based financial tools, resources and concepts that can improve overall portfolio performance
Listen and Identify

Everyone has a unique situation and different goals. Our goal is to understand your needs and implement the best plan of action to help you succeed.

Plan Design

You have defined your needs and wants, now how do you get from point A to B? Ideal plan design. Our knowledge and access to comprehensive solutions encompass all aspects of planning and leave no stone unturned.

Implementation of Solutions

We do not stop at plan design. We possess all the tools to implement whatever strategies we present to accommodate your needs. A plan is an abstract idea until it becomes tangible with proper implementation and administration.

Monitor and Repeat

As the years progress and life changes happen, we are by your side to adjust the plan as needed. We stay on top of market, taxation, and current events to ensure your plan is optimized!