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Most of the financial world views wages and benefits as the company's biggest expenses. Because of the understanding I bring from my background in human resources, my practice is built on a contrarian approach.

I focus on helping people like you to invest in human capital. We can make the shift in your business to investing in your most valuable asset. This strategic approach is about more than benefits products and compliant plans. We have to consider the real benefit to employees to maximize your investment in people.

It's fine by me when I'm accused of being eccentric for building my business on making a difference in the lives of my clients and their employees. The research shows that it's also the right move for profits. The right benefits plan impacts important expenses like recruitment, employee turnover, and retraining. And the psychological well being that can be earned with the right benefit plan choices are an important factor in workplace productivity.

If you care about what benefits are best for your employees and you want the help of someone with the same values, who understands the legal framework, and has already guided many companies through the process... then we should talk.

Cell: 512-289-4783

Office: 512-777-2823


Strategies customized to your goals


When you select benefits, it's important to have a specialist who's intent on maximizing the value to your business. Business and HR leaders can sleep better and focus on their roles with the help of me and my team. We take your responsibilities as our own.


The strategic benefit choices put the people in the business front and center. I help you do this by navigating the benefits the marketplace with attention to the regulatory landscape. This empowers you to guide strategic decisions with confidence.


In the right context, the company is a powerful vehicle. Through strategic benefits selection it goes beyond a vehicle for employees to serve a marketplace. It also becomes a point of leverage to access benefits products with the advantages of a team.

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