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Private Markets

Strategic capital utilizes proprietary cutting-edge technology to enhance client portfolios and effectively manage risk.


The Strategic Capital model provides access to private market investments that are typically available to investors at an institutional level. Strategic Capital’s clients share a seat at the table with endowments, corporate retirement plans, and other large entities. Access to elite managers is key due to the dispersion in strategy returns. Our relationships with some of the best institutional alternative investment managers around the world enable us to bring these exclusive strategies to our clients.

Manager Sourcing & Due Diligence

Private markets are relationship driven, making it of extreme importance to partner with a firm able to objectively evaluate managers and perform prudent due diligence. Don Simoneaux, our Director of Alternative Investments, has created a process to do just that. With an emphasis on the four “P’s”; People, Process, Performance, and Price. Every sourced opportunity is based on the analysis of each manager and their experience in the industry, historical track record, investor relationships, strategy implementation, and fund pricing. To learn more about our current offerings please complete here

AI Stock Market Prediction

Alternatives In Your Portfolio

Alternative investments add an institutional level of sophistication to your portfolio and are intended to elevate expected returns without increasing risk. With low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a valuable addition to your portfolio’s overall strategy. Alternatives rely less on broad market movement and more on the opportunistic strengths specific to each investment which helps manage risk exposure and overall portfolio volatility and can also provide a hedge against inflation.



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