Employer Sponsored Plans - Austin

We help you design, implement and manage group plans and sponsored plans for employees – This can mean Tax advantages, and better benefits and employee retention

Group Retirement & Employer-Sponsored Plans

We help companies take care of their employees, using smart group retirement options. Whether a steward to only yourself or whether you are responsible for serving as a fiduciary to many, we’ve got you covered.

Group Plans and sponsored plans offer some of the best tax advantaged planning for business owners. They also help employees accomplish more. And when your employees are taken care of, they stay longer, and have better morale.

Our Financial Advisors help business owners and their businesses identify areas of opportunity, design and implement solutions to capitalize on those opportunities, and then monitor them. Our process focuses on compliance, administration, and education. We’re built to help you understand the planning needed to meet the needs of your employees and to plan for future wealth goals. We’ve built a Financial Consulting practice that is built to prioritize the needs of our clients.

We can help you implement the right Retirement Plans

Group sponsored retirement plans have the potential to provide great benefit to you and your employees. They can also be hard to navigate and that’s where advisors like us come into play.

You need someone that can help you build what’s best for you and your employees and then maintain and keep that retirement planning compliant.

We are fiduciaries. We have a prudent team of experts who subscribe to best practices and case precedence to help design, implement, administer, and monitor company sponsored retirement plans for you and your business. We specialize in providing education to plan sponsors to create the most efficient plans possible and ensure your participants are utilizing the plan according to your objectives.

What does that mean? We can help you save money, provide excellent benefits, and achieve goals for you and your employees.


  • Financial Wellness
  • 401(k)/Profit Share
  • 403b/457b
  • Money Purchase
  • Cash Balance
  • Defined Benefit
  • Fully Insured
  • Executive Bonus
  • Deferred Comp


  • Plan Sponsor Education and ERISA Compliance
  • Plan Design
  • Plan Benchmarking and Service Provider Oversight
  • 3(21)/3(38) Investment Management
  • Participant Education

Risk and Insurance

Insurance products offer protection and can be beneficial to your employees and your company mutually. 

Your employees look to you to provide solutions that they may not otherwise have access to – group benefits can do that. A wide array of planning and options exist for you as a company administering an employer sponsored benefit. These strategies can not only help protect your employees but also create certain tax advantages for your business. 

  • Health Insurance Design and Education
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Vision, Dental, Critical Illness Hospital
  • Life Insurance

Business Consulting

We are a business consultant – we offer strategic consulting that can help you financially, and from a planning perspective. Our team of consultants and partners are able to bring strategies to your business to keep you in compliance and operating at the highest levels of efficiency. Using our Strategic Capital Network, we are able to provide solutions for almost all of your needs at both employer and employee levels. This can mean that you have access to better risk management, financial, and tax planning options.

  • Financial advising for you
  • Financial advising for your business
  • Holistic planning perspective
  • Improved efficiency and access to more insight
Based on 50 reviews
Ian Desmond
Ian Desmond
Been a pleasure working with Strategic Capital. There advisors are very knowledgeable and show great care with their clients. Highly recommended!
Juan Leija
Juan Leija
I want to start off by saying that I’m super thankful for all the help Adam, Chris, and their team have provided me. They have helped me find solutions for myself and my business with great communication and execution. Their coordination with my CPA to provide a strategy to operate at my best. Most importantly they’re a great team that treats me like family and are there when I need them.
Brian Butz
Brian Butz
I appreciate how mutual understanding was created through economy of words that did not confuse me as we spoke of financial jargon, that can be super intimidating. I had the best experience with Adam in the company that I have ever had with any other financial institution. Highly recommended, good people, competent, will definitely help you accomplish your goal.
Keyla Maggessy
Keyla Maggessy
Chris and Bobby are simple amazing. When I found them online, I had no idea they would become such an important part of my family’s financial planning. They’re professional, knowledgeable, and responsive and always act with our best interest at heart. Even though they have a good variety of investment and planning options to offer, they never pressure us to go one way or another. They’re just always there to help guide, and support. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also such nice people. My husband and I always have a great time when they come over to review stuff over a glass of wine!
Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns
Chris and Bobby have been amazing to work with! Their knowledge and resources have proven to be a tremendous asset to our financial well-being. Thier ability to invest in various financial products including alternative investments have balanced our portfolio nicely. Very trustworthy, transparent, and responsive.
Lauren Cha
Lauren Cha
Bobby Russell was a pleasure to work with. He is professional and knowledgeable and has a very warm and friendly demeanor. I always felt comfortable asking him questions, and that he had my best financial interests in mind. I would highly recommend his services.
Amazing people! Chris H. is the best. Far exceeded my expectations.
Stephen Maestri
Stephen Maestri
Over the last 10+ years I have trusted in Bobby Russell to assist me in all manner of financial counsel. As a man of integrity, he has continued to impress me with his ongoing commitment to excellence and attention to detail. His willingness to go above and beyond in insuring you have a full understanding of any process has guaranteed a client for life. I cannot recommend Bobby and his team at Strategic Capital enough to anyone looking to plan for their future.

Meet your Team for Sponsored Plans in Austin

Adam D'Acierno

Adam D'Acierno

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


I specialize in helping businesses and business owners identify their needs, define success, and implement strategies to accomplish those goals.

Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


My comprehensive process embraces investments and insurance as an asset so that your whole financial life is magnified.

Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor


I believe this combination of independence and teamwork is the best way to serve clients. It lets me provide you with the highest quality financial planning services, built for life long relationships with you.

Sponsored Plans in Austin - We are the Team!

Chris Hernandez, Bobby Russell, Adam D’Acierno and the team at Strategic Capital are well known for Employer Sponsored Plans in Austin. We have a significant background in benefits, retirement, financial oversight, and as fiduciaries it’s our responsibility to ensure you get what you need, not just some product that might be available. Our model prioritizes the right advice, and avoids unnecessary learning curves – we have done this before for a wide range of businesses. You are not alone in navigating the often complex world of sponsored plans in Austin – reach out, we can help.