Bennett Woodward – Chief Investment Officer

Meet Chief Investment Officer in Austin – Bennett Woodward

Bennett Woodward, CFA

Bennett Woodward, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Woodward, CFA, previously led the public markets team at ING, now Voya, and the Teachers Retirement System of Texas. He has also served as Senior Portfolio Manager at GLOBALT, Inc. and Raymond James. During his tenure at ING he received the prestigious INDATA award for best 5-year performance out of 720 similar sized pension funds. Mr. Woodward co-founded Black Diamond Investment Partners in 2010 and joined Waterloo Capital in 2016.

Artificial Intelligence at Work in Investing – Meet Newton

The utilization of machined learning techniques presents opportunity to forecast future market action in  a more accurate manner. Chief Investment Officer, Bennett Woodward CFA, has created a proprietary quantitative model to accompany his artificial intelligence system, Newton, to detect market trends. The model utilizes Newton’s neural network which analyzes historical data, coincidental indicators, as well as current market data to anticipate market fluctuation. Our quantitative approach of understanding the market creates a roadmap of data for decision, rather than emotion.

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