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Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor

I help people build a future they trust.

I grew up in a family of six that prided themselves on being financially disciplined and conservative. I was searching for a way to apply these concepts through my degree in Finance. As President of the Student Ambassadors for the McCoy College of Business, I met my mentor in the financial services industry. The rest, as they say, is history.

I joined the financial advising industry in 2010, during my senior year at Texas State University, and over the years I’ve actively pursued the professional licensing and training necessary to help a wide range of clients with their financial and retirement planning. I’ve presented these concepts to teachers, professionals, small business owners, and professional athletes. Regardless of their profession, everyone can benefit from asset protection* and tax-deferred growth my planning offers.

My comprehensive process embraces investments and insurance as an asset so that your whole financial life is magnified. Rather than focus on the first half of the game—strict accumulation—my concerns encompass the third and fourth quarters of life as well ensuring a balanced strategy that considers accumulation, distribution, risk and legacy. I welcome the opportunity to share these concepts with you. Please call me on my cell phone or message me using the form below.

Giving Back

Formerly, Strategic Capital volunteered with six local school districts through the programs, “Never Been Absent (NBA)” and “Never Found Late (NFL).” These programs offered a fun and interactive way to encourage student achievement and responsibility.

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Bobby’s Planning Specialties

  • Financial Planning
  • Strategic oversight for Investment Management
  • Understanding of Broad-based financial tools, resources and concepts that can improve overall portfolio performance
Listen and Identify

Everyone has a unique situation and different goals. Our goal is to understand your needs and implement the best plan of action to help you succeed.

Plan Design

You have defined your needs and wants, now how do you get from point A to B? Ideal plan design. Our knowledge and access to comprehensive solutions encompass all aspects of planning and leave no stone unturned.

Implementation of Solutions

We do not stop at plan design. We possess all the tools to implement whatever strategies we present to accommodate your needs. A plan is an abstract idea until it becomes tangible with proper implementation and administration.

Monitor and Repeat

As the years progress and life changes happen, we are by your side to adjust the plan as needed. We stay on top of market, taxation, and current events to ensure your plan is optimized!