Business Planning Podcast (Clip 8 of 8) – Why Strat-Capital for Business Planning in Austin

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Business Planning Podcast – With Strategic Capital

Adam D’Acierno, Bobby Russell, and Chris Hernandez talk about how Strategic Capital has built a business that prioritizes clientele, and how they believe they can help with your business planning needs.

Adam D'Acierno

Adam D'Acierno

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor

I specialize in helping businesses and business owners identify their needs, define success, and implement strategies to accomplish those goals.

Bobby Russell

Bobby Russell

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor

My comprehensive process embraces investments and insurance as an asset so that your whole financial life is magnified.

Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

Founding Partner - Financial Advisor

I believe this combination of independence and teamwork is the best way to serve clients. It lets me provide you with the highest quality financial planning services, built for life long relationships with you.

Holistic Wealth Management

We are a Fiduciary – your financial well-being is our focal point. We integrate with your needs, and plan holistically so you get risk management built into realistic portfolio management and other important features that can enhance peace of mind and potential. You get more choice, better focus, stronger customer service and access to world class institutional-level resources with Strategic Capital

AI in Investing & Innovative Resources

Waterloo offers significant opportunity through innovative products and platforms that allow our clients better understanding of trends, better options for investing, and insights on a full-portfolio level. In addition to this exclusive offering we also have resources that some financial advisories don’t have access to. Call us and let’s see what’s possible.

Business Planning, Insurance, and access to Capital

Our practice was built for you. Traditional service offerings in the financial services sector leave a lot to be desired. We wanted to give our clients the best potential for growth in all ways, always. Our approach takes a new look at not just the usual suspects in financial planning, but also brings other resources to bear as well.

Meet our Team of Professional Registered Investment Advisor Representatives

This Team makes it possible to do what we do – Right here in Austin

Our partnership with Waterloo and our incredible team at our Registered Investment Advisory Firm in Austin allows you to continue what you do best and leverage our talents, our time and our resources to help grow, protect, and transfer wealth, no matter where you are in your investing journey. We have access to tooling and resources that opens up options and improves risk management, without giving up potential for growth or stopping you from doing the things you love to do. We should Talk!

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We’d love to work with you on your planning for the future, because what’s possible shouldn’t be feared due to the unexpected – get a real plan in place and work with the right Registered Investment Advisor in Austin.

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 Episode 2 Podcast/audio/video Clip 

Businesses that work with Strategic Capital get attention to detail and a strong partner in Business Planning

With Adam D’Acierno – Business Planning at Strategic Capital, and other partners at Strategic Capital, Bobby Russell and Chris Hernandez

Adam D’Acierno, Bobby Russell, and Chris Hernandez offer some insights into the processes and relationships that are built at Strategic Capital with Business Planning Clientele


Moderator: What I’d like to do, I think… this is a really good jumping off point for a future discussion, and so I do want to kind of wrap it up a little bit here. (To) Make sure that we don’t put too much out into one segment that would confuse anybody. I think this is a good point to kind of wrap up so if you wanted to add any last thoughts you had about, kind of, the breadth of what we’ve talked about today, and maybe just explain the best way to work with you in the Austin area and beyond. I think that’d be helpful for those that are listening because there’s a lot to take in when you talk about business planning. Especially when you start to look at it from the perspective of “dollars are dollars, and risk is risk, and taxes are taxes”. So, in future discussions we’re going to get a little bit more to the point, but is there anything you want to wrap up with, from this broad overview? 

Adam D’Acierno (Business Planning – Strategic Capital): I‘ll wrap up with why I think that our clients like working with us and then also kind of what our process looks like, from the beginning to an actual relationship so I never like to think that we receive any business just because people like us – but moreso, because of our knowledge that we’re able to bring. But the feedback that we’ve been given as a firm is that people want to work with us and continue to work with us because they truly can feel, that we care about them as individuals or business owners, and truly have a vested interest in wanting to see them succeed. 

Adam D’Acierno (continued): We have a saying at Strategic Capital that we learned from another close friend of ours who was on the National Championship team for the University of Texas when they won that football title back you know… Was that 2005-2006? But anyway, he said he liked working with us because we were P.L.U.s and he said: “What’s a PLU?” He said: “People Like Us!” He said he likes working with us because he (e.g. Bobby is) like him. And he cares about people. So, that’s the feedback that we’ve been given from all of the clients – or not all the clients – but clients that have decided to give us feedback is that they can truly feel that we care, and that this is not just a business relationship. 

Adam D’Acierno (continued): And typically, how we start this relationship, is we have an introductory meeting where really, we’re learning about their business: how they bring in revenue, and just some goals that they have, and then we share the same on our end. And what we’re looking to do in that introductory portion of the meeting, is figure out if we are a good fit. Figure out if we are “P.L.U.s” (people like us). That would be a good fit to work together, and if at that time, they decide that they would like to work with us, and we would also like to work with them – and I will caveat this and say we have had conversations with business owners where we just don’t mesh and they don’t necessarily want to take care of their employees well, or they view their employees in a negative light and we are the ones who politely part ways. 

Adam D’Acierno (continued): But, after we’ve identified that we are a great fit, and work together… The next step is to start gathering information about their company and the easiest way for us to have the most efficient planning meetings possible, is, and this doesn’t have to be brought to the first meeting, but certainly can, is information about the company. So: prior tax returns, company census information, that will really allow for us to go in and identify exactly how the company is working and what strategies can be put in place in order to find solutions based on whatever that company bases is working with. 

Adam D’Acierno (continued): From there, usually that process takes about a week or two; the fact-finding and then once we get to an implementation stage – depending on the complexities of planning that need to to be implemented that implementation process can range anywhere from one to six weeks – but after everything is implemented, we like to have a follow-up meeting to make sure that everyone understands what all has been put in place how everything is going to be working moving forward, and then ultimately moving forward on a year-to-year standpoint, we prefer, and would love to meet with our clients on a semi-annual or quarterly basis, but bare bones minimum, we have to meet with them at least once a year in order to review what happened the previous year and what we want to evaluate for the next year, moving forward. 

Moderator (continued): For sure. And I’ll just… in wrapping up I wanted to kind of give a metaphorical concept here because I think… as we get off of this call, this segment, and if Bobby and Chris want to chime in here at the end to give some parting words of wisdom… 

Moderator (continued): I think as we’re cruising along in the business landscape, or in the ocean of the things that we’re doing on a regular basis – we see this beautiful glacier; iceberg in the foreground, and as we approach we’re like: “Wow! It’s really beautiful. We really want to get up close and look at it!” And, I think when you’re looking at business planning sometimes, that is what helps you realize that we’re just scratching the surface when we talk about concepts. And, that everything really needs to be taken into account when you’re looking at fact finding, and you talked about census gathering, and other things that happen on the strategic level, prior to even be able to implement anything. Because the iceberg really is mostly underwater, right? And there are risks that are there that we don’t see until we get too close sometimes. And so, I can appreciate the holistic perspective that you guys are taking when it comes to strategic planning, and obviously that has something to do with the name of the firm… But generally speaking, you know, from a risk management perspective, a tax planning perspective, and just an understanding of the things that lay ahead in the waters of business. It’s important to be working with a strategic advisor that can really help you to put those things together. And so, Bobby, Chris, Adam we appreciate your guys’ time today. I know that we didn’t include Bobby or Chris as much today, so if they want to give any parting words before we go I’d love to hear that. 

Chris Hernandez (Strategic Capital): I think the only thing I want to say is on the business side: entrepreneurs and business owners are focusing on what they’re good at – what is generating them revenue, and then they kind of put this type of planning to the side, because they need to go out and run their business and that’s where I’ve seen Adam be extremely helpful. To make sure things are compliant; working as they should be, and that just gives the business owner more confidence to go and do their job and make a more successful business for themselves, and their family. 

Bobby Russell (Strategic Capital): Definitely. Yeah. I would have to agree with that. I think if you are a business owner and you’re looking to um do some advanced business planning – working with someone that specializes in business planning, versus a person that has some ‘scratch the surface’ knowledge in business planning… I think (it) would put you off in a way better position in the long run. So, that’s why we’ve decided to structure our business at Strategic Capital that way – where Chris and I work with individuals on personal planning, and Adam has dedicated his 10 years in the business to only business planning. So, he is a very knowledgeable person in that area and we’re super thankful to have him. 

Moderator: Alright, Bobby Russell, Chris Hernandez, Adam D’Acierno we appreciate your time today. We’re looking forward to future conversations about business planning and other things that lie below the surface when it comes to strategic planning in general, and we’ll close with that.