What are the Differences Between a 401k and a ROTH 401k – VIDEO

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ROTH 401k vs. 401k – With Strategic Capital

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Retirement Planning Information

Working with Strategic Capital to plan your retirement

What is a ROTH 401k vs. a 401k?


The advisors from Strategic Capital in Austin, Texas offer some insights to the differences between a ROTH 401k and a Traditional 401k to help you understand the ways strategic retirement planning can positively affect your retirement. 

In the above video, we explore the differences with a ROTH 401k vs. a 401k. You may be surprised at how you can utilize both planning options in some scenarios, or may be able to leverage a specific retirement option to produce better long-term results for your unique situation. 

While every retirement planning scenario is unique, and needs some specific attention paid to the suitability of the investment strategies and tools, this can help you get a basic understanding of the differences between a ROTH 401k vs. a 401k. 

We invite you to schedule a consultation for a review of your retirement planning. We are a registered investment advisory in Austin, and offer a strong portfolio of services for those with retirement planning needs. Our advisors look forward to reviewing your planning and offering insights to bring you closer to reaching your goals.